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Gilberd Marriott Gallery was established by James Gilberd & Mark Marriott in 2008. GMG represents artists working in visual fields other than photography. It dovetails with Photospace Gallery and operates from the same address, offering gallery visitors fine artworks in a range of mediums.

Current exhibition: Naga Tsutsumi - Ancestor and Descendant II- 31st May (opening) to 17th June 2013

©Gilberd Marriott Gallery & credited artist 2011

Coming up in 2013:

  • Sam Te Tau - opening 19th July
  • Justin Rotolo - opening 16th August
  • Pat Cush - opening 8th November
  • Other exhibitions to be listed

Next exhibition:

©GMG and credited artist

Sam Te Tau
19th July-10th August 2013


The official opening hours are: 10am-4pm Monday to Friday, 11am-4pm Saturday
We are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

After-hours viewing by appointment: email James Gilberd

The gallery is located on the 1st floor, 37 Courtenay Place, Wellington.
This is opposite Allen St, upstairs from Cha and Sahara restaurants.

Photospace gallery operates from the same address, hours as above.


Physical and postal address:
Gilberd Marriott Gallery
Room 1, 1st floor, 37 Courtenay Place
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

Directors: James Gilberd, Mark Marriott, Phillipa Durkin, Denise Durkin.
Phone James Gilberd - (04) 382 9502 during gallery hours, or 027 444 3899
Email: James Gilberd

Who we are:

  • James Gilberd established Photospace Gallery in 1998 and Gilberd Marriott Gallery in 2008
  • Mark Marriott is currently the full time manager of Inverlochy Art School
  • Phillipa Durkin is a paper conservator at Te Papa and an award-winning ceramicist
  • Denise Durkin is a painter, designer and illustrator


If you would like to be on the email invitation list for Gilberd Marriott Gallery, please
email us with 'GMG invitation list' in the subject line.

Exhibited Artists:

Expressions of interest are invited from visual artists in 2D and 3D media. In addition to paintings, prints and drawings, we exhibit sculpture, jewellery, ceramic and multi-media artworks.

Please send your artist resume or CV to the postal address above, or email to: James Gilberd
(JPEGs of individual images are preferable. PDFs are fine. Website links are good.
Please don't send AV presentations, Powerpoint shows, iPhoto shows or big TIFF files. (10MB max. per email)

ph/fax: 64-4-382 9502
Cell: 027 444 3899 for James Gilberd


See all past exhibitions  

Felix Harris - Virtual Popcorn- 14th December 2012 to 19th January 2013

©Gilberd Marriott Gallery & credited artist 2011

View exhibition catalogue of Virtual Popcorn works

©Gilberd Marriott Gallery & credited artist 2011

Anthony Davies - Apocalypse Now - 30th November to 10th December 2012

©Gilberd Marriott Gallery & credited artist 2011

Patrick Cush - Fantastic Holiday  - 10th November to 24th November 2012

Toothfish - International Street Artist
In association with Photospace Gallery: 13th October to 3rd November.

TV3 Nightline News coverage of Toothfish exhibition

©Gilberd Marriott Gallery & credited artist 2011

Toothfish - NZ exhibition news

Denise Durkin & Phillipa Durkin - Channelling Tory: The early colonial view
Gouache paintings & ceramic works, 1st - 17th September.
See all works in this exhibition

©Gilberd Marriott Gallery & credited artist 2011

©Gilberd Marriott Gallery & credited artist 2011   ©Gilberd Marriott Gallery & credited artist 2011

Also, while on the topic of whaling, please see:

Carol Telfer - Rites and Rituals, 21st July - 15th August

Carol Telfer - exhibition statement & artist info
Rites and Rituals - all exhibition works, July 2012

Carol Telfer - from Rites & Rituals, © Gilberd Marriott Gallery & credited artist 2012

Louise Ruthford monotype print, © Gilberd Marriott Gallery & credited artist 2012

Louise Rutherford - Molten: prints and jewellery by Louise Rutherford, 29th June to 17th July.

Louise Rutherford - exhibition statement

Louise Ruthford rings, © Gilberd Marriott Gallery & credited artist 2012

3rd February - 14th February 2012: presenting, in conjunction with Jemposium & Photospace Gallery -
Dutch Artist of the Year for 2012 - Ted Noten

ring swap at Wellington installation, © Gilberd Marriott Gallery & credited artist 2012 Wellington "Wanna swap your ring?" exhibition - swapping a ring for an ATN Miss Piggy ring 3/2/2012

Atelier TED NOTEN - Wanna swap your ring?

Almost everyone will grin when recognising the "burden" of what to do with the jewellery you've inherited, jewellery from a past marriage or, like most jewellery makers, many failed experiments that never made it to "masterpiece status".

ATN offers a solution through the project: 'WANNA SWAP YOUR RING?'

The shape of a gun, a Ted Noten icon, is constructed of 155 pink rings. As people swap these out for their own rings, the jewellery jungle begins to grow, full of the stories told, by the rings that people leave behind. Jewellery reflects the soul of a city!

Atelier Ted Noten will also present this project in cities all over the world (Sao Paulo, New York, Shanghai, Paris, Moscow). After visiting 15 cities the guns will all travel to one destination where they will be rebuilt exactly, this time, all in the same exhibition space.

ring swap at Wellington installation, © Gilberd Marriott Gallery & credited artist 2012 DAILY UPDATE: Atelier Ted Noten "Wanna Swap Your Ring?" installation: Saturday 11 Feb., 11.15am.

TV3 Nightline interview with Marcel van Kan of Atelier Ted Noten - screened Friday 10th Feb.

Radio New Zealand interview with Kim Hill, Sat 4th Feb

and 7th February - 14th February 2012

Goose, © Gilberd Marriott Gallery & credited artist 2012

Jemposium 2012 logo JULIA deVILLE - Night's Plutonian Shore

Julia deVille is originally from Wellington, now living in Melbourne.

These exhibitions are in conjunction with Jemposium


See all past exhibitions

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